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Plant Life Disposable CBD Vape Pen 50mg CBD

Plant life disposable pens contain 0.5ml of oil with 50mg of CBD. They are ready to start vaping as soon as you take them out of the box! The disposable vape pens are stylish and discreet, the product has a high quality feel with a lovely minty flavour when vaping. Plant life Website Product Description […]

Vape Bright CBD Vape Cartridge 250mg

Vape Bright was born out of a ‘what if’ moment: What if there was a pure CBD vape alternative? What if you could create a convenient way to instantly activate the power of cannabidiol to make us more healthy and happy?

Enecta Marijuana Flavour Ambrosia CBD E-Liquid 20mg CBD 10ml

Enecta is a family made of Italian hemp growers, scientists, botanists and educators all working around a simple goal; give back to Cannabis the respect of being cultivated and sold in a fair way. No intense markup prices for something that nature donated to us in the first place. You pay what is fair, we spend time doing what we do best. Cannabis extracts.

Kandypens Rubi CBD vape pen

Kandypens has a great reputation based on their wax pens. Only recently did they start making products for use with CBD e-liquids. Even so, they’ve managed to create one of the best refillable devices, which is why it is on the top of our list. Its 280 mAh battery comes with a lifetime warranty!

CBDfx CBD vape pen

The all-inclusive kit provides you with everything you need to enjoy an electrifying vaping experience. With portability and quality being key, the CBDfx Vape Kit is ergonomically crafted using high-quality brushed aluminum and features a polished chamfered edge.

Halo Tracer Starter Kit (Version 2) Refillable CBD vape pen

Break through the clouds and enter the world of low-resistance sub-ohm vaping with our new, sleek Tracer mech-style tube mod. Vape all day without recharging with a large, 2,300 mAh battery. Go longer between refills with a 4 ml tank. And keep a consistent taste while creating remarkably dense clouds with a 0.5 sub-ohm coil […]

VSAVI CBD Vape Oil 50mg CBD 0.5% 10ml

Are you looking for a portable, pure CBD cartridge that uses organic hemp oil and is free from carrier liquids? Vape Bright’s easy to use, sleek CBD pen might be for you. Vape Bright was born out of a ‘what if’ moment: What if there was a pure CBD vape alternative? What if you could […]

Pure Spectrum Natural Honey Oil Vape Cartridge 100mg CBD

Pure Spectrum is committed to revolutionizing the phytocannabinoid industry. Our strategic partnerships with industry experts and renowned scientists at the cutting edge of clinical phytocannabinoid research empowers Pure Spectrum to be at the forefront of emerging extraction systems, innovative infusion processes, and effective delivery systems.

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