Populum has a clean, trendy aesthetic, and streamlined offerings. Their branding and the overall user experience they’re able to offer is arguably the best in the industry. All of their CBD Oils come in a 30 ml bottle, and they have three levels of CBD: 250 milligrams (“Basic”), 500 milligrams (“Signature,” which the site recommends), and 1000 milligrams (“Advanced”). While their branding is excellent, their prices are relatively high. Bottles cost $70 (£50), $120 (£85), and $200 (£140), respectively. They also sell CBD for pets, though those are available through Amazon only.

Populum Website Product Description

Our Products are US Made, Thoroughly Tested & Full Spectrum for Maximum Efficacy.

Unlike other hemp companies who import their hemp oil from countries with low standards, and high chance of toxins; At Populum we only source from the USA where there are stricter standards, and compliance regulations.